Get Affordable Medical Insurance
AND Medical Aid for Extra Cover

Quality healthcare is important for you and your family! Don’t let rising medical costs become a concern.

Good healthcare and private medical treatment are often just out of reach. In South Africa, fewer than 1 in 5 people are members of a Medical Aid Scheme which gives them access to private medical treatment and healthcare.

The other 80% of the population depend on either public sector health facilities, or fund costs privately. The enormous load on the public health system has resulted in long waits for basic medical care and in some cases, patients simply do not get access to quality treatment. With medical insurance, you have access to benefits like unlimited private Network GP visits and acute medicine, but without the expensive cost of private medical care!

It can also be used as a top-up product for when your medical aid saving runs out.

Medical Insurance provides:

  • Unlimited Network GP visits
  • Nurse Consultations
  • Limited Acute Medication
  • Basic Radiology X-rays
  • Basic Pathology Blood Tests
  • Pre-birth Maternity Benefits
  • Wellness Screenings
  • Pap Smears
  • PSA Screenings
  • Vaccination Program
  • and many many more

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